How To Nurture Your Child’s Inner Talent

Every child is born with an innate talent that needs time and practice to excel in. Parents and pre-primary school teachers can help in tapping into these dormant talents of children at an early age. When children get appreciation and validation for something they enjoy doing, it boosts their confidence and helps them believe they can achieve big from a young age.

Here is how you can identify and nurture your child’s talents:

#1 Let The Child Take The Lead


To nurture the inner possibilities of your child, you must follow their lead. You need to take the role of a guide and quietly observe the specific attributes that your child inclines towards.

  • What kind of activities does your child enjoy?

  • What do they like to do when they are free?

  • What excites them?

Based on your observations, you can suggest the activities to your child. But bear in mind, it will be your child who will ultimately decide whether he wishes to continue long-term or not. However, when you follow the child-led ways, it’s easier for parents and children alike to maintain continuity in skill development.

#2 Be Patient


Even though it’s important to follow a child’s lead for identifying and developing a child’s talent but know that children may be fickle-minded too.

In spite of their talent, they may change their minds and refuse to get their training after a certain point. Some very talented children may get influenced by their friends and would want to enroll themselves for activities that may not exactly be their cup of tea.

Such cases need very careful handling by the parents. If you think your child has the necessary skills to advance in a particular activity yet refuses to continue it, you will have to devise ways to ensure that your child retains interest in the same.

Give them a temporary break, if need be. The key is to not force your child into something they do not particularly enjoy doing while ensuringan that you do what is good for their future.

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#3 Compliment your child


Much like us, children enjoy being appreciated. Watch over the natural aptitudes of your child and give them recognition. Also, according to how they perform guide them towards fine-tuning those special skills.

This will boost your child’s self-esteem and motivate them to realize their full potential. Once you notice the hard work put in by your child, praise them for those sincere efforts.

Constructive criticism goes a long way when it comes to your child faltering. This involves your complimenting what your child did well, and lightly mention what could be made better.

#4 Ensure that enrich your child’s learning


When nurturing a child’s hobby or talent, it’s important that they understand the subject, or the topic concerned in depth.

For example, if your child enjoys coding, speak to them about the various types of programming languages, introduce the greatest coders and their achievements and so on.

There are many indirect ways to provide background information about the particular activity to sustain their interest and curiosity in the subject.

#5 Assist them in finding their calling


One child may have multiple talents, another may take time to discover their natural talents. There’s no need to fret over this, we believe that each child is unique. Parents can help children to identify and hone their talent by opening various doors for them to explore various opportunities. Parents should try to ensure that their inherently gifted and talented children enjoy different experiences, be it coding or sports or maybe cooking and so on. This will help children to pursue what they enjoy doing the most.

Once your child starts doing what they love and settles down in the habit, you may closely start observing your child’s behaviour and understand the interests and knacks that they are gradually developing.

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