7 ways in which you benefit from coding every day.

In the digital world, things are not always what they seem. Even the most ordinary and inanimate objects, from street lights to cereal boxes, are being transformed with the help of software to make daily appliances more intuitive and easy to use.

Your children are the first generation to be born in a world where almost everything has been coded or programmed. And they can create better-programmed things that can make our lives easier, more convenient, and definitely more inclusive.

You may still be wondering how coding benefits your daily life. Here is a list of 7 everyday tasks that use coding:

1. Mobile Phones


Your cellphone has been coded. Everything you do with your mobile, even if you have an old-fashioned one, responds to a series of codes written by a very talented programmer. But it doesn’t stop there. Did you know that today, your kids can learn how to create their very own apps and games for smartphones? Your children can learn the entire process of how to create an app and will surprise you with their progress.

Doing Laundry


Your washing machine has been programmed to function exactly as you need it to. You can choose the temperature and treatment you want to give to your clothes. A programmer designed all of the code for your machine to work perfectly. Tons of microchips and nano-technology are included in these machines for them to give you daisy fresh clothes every single time. Your kid could invent the washing machine that steam irons clothes after a wash, ready to be worn or put in the cupboard. Imagine!

Taking a hot shower


Who doesn't love a hot shower? The refreshing hot shower is brought to you by a water heater that is usually temperature controlled by a preset microprocessor which basically monitors the water temperature and outflow. Some water heaters also have adjustable water temperatures based on your preferences. Who knew that coding would play such a vital role in our daily hygiene and relaxation?

Going on a drive


Outside of the whole internal computer that modern cars rely on, code has another role in getting you anywhere on time. We are not talking about the GPS, we are talking about the traffic lights that direct cars and pedestrians with an internal microprocessor. Sometimes traffic lights are on a timer, while those in busier intersections have an internal computer linked to the crosswalk button, sensors that signal when cars are waiting, and surrounding traffic lights. So every time you travel safely, thank a coder!



If you live in a high-rise building, you would know an elevator is a necessity for most of the upper floors. Without a mini computer built inside, modern elevators wouldn’t have automatic doors, sense if something or someone is blocking the door, or take you to the proper floor based on which buttons are pressed.

Watching TV:


Do you like watching TV? Do you make sure you always catch your favourite programs? Once again… it is coding that makes it possible for us to binge watch shows. Even the simplest TVs out there are programmed. Because coding goes way beyond a simple line of code, almost all elements (even those not using electricity), can be considered code. TVs have gone through a series of programming processes for them to work just in the way you want them to work. Of course, that includes the remote, antenna and all of the astonishing features the new Smart TVs come with.

Ticketing Machine at the metro:


Do you take public transportation often? Have you taken the metro and realized how easy everything is? All you have to do is swipe your token or your metro card at the gate and you are on to your train platform? Well, your metro card and token is coded! All of the little machines that read your ticket when going in or leaving the station can understand where you come from, for how long you have been on the train, and how many trips you have left. Yes, there are no tiny human beings inside each machine stamping your ticket and allowing you to cross the barriers. All of these ‘machines’ are programmed.

If we acknowledged the role coding has already been playing and allow our children access to this brilliant skill sets, imagine what the future may look like for us!

Look forward to a brighter future in the hands of your children

Can you imagine how much of a better world we could have if our kids could create coded machines and a process for recycling, for cleaning the ocean, or for anti-bullying initiatives?

The first step to create a meaningful change is very simple: Learning how to code.

When your children learn coding, they will learn how to program in an environment that will encourage them to be themselves, to follow their dreams and to create outstanding apps, games, software, videos, or projects limited only by their imagination.

Find out if your child would enjoy coding, claim your free coding class here.

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