10 secret benefits your child gains when learning how to code.

There are different languages for human communication; similarly, different languages communicate with a computer. The choice of language depends on what we want the computer to do. In current times most of our lives are dependent on technology, which in turn requires knowledge of coding. Coding is used to program your basic mobile phones to more complex technology like artificial intelligence. What better way can your child understand how and why technology operates than by learning how to code and speak directly to the technology itself?

Children can start learning coding as young as six years of age. As coding is a set of instructions in a programming language, most languages are learnt much faster at a younger age. While your child learns how to code, their learning is not only limited to the language. They also improve their reading, writing, verbal and math abilities.

The following are a few benefits your child gains while learning how to code.



While coding, your child can make their computer games, animation movies, digital artwork, and many other things requiring creativity while designing. The child gets to build whatever they need using their imagination.

Your child gets to build their world, limited only by their imagination. This helps your child explore more creative options to make their own experiences enjoyable.

Problem Solving


Your child is taught that coding requires problem-solving to come up with creative solutions.

To be successful in coding, your child needs to try new things. They need to learn what works and what does not work. When your child learns to code, they express their creativity to solve problems. They quickly realize that thinking out of the box is sometimes the answer. They know that sometimes you have to try new things to get it right. Your child understands that coding requires breaking down big, complex problems into a series of simple steps. This helps them apply the same problem-solving abilities to other aspects of their lives, which is another essential life skill for your child.

Authentic learning


Children enjoy building things; it begins with toys, building blocks, or even the famous lego blocks. When learning how to code, your child learns to develop products and not just research and read about them. This helps them enjoy what they are doing, and because they are building it themselves, it also helps them take ownership of their creation. As a result, your child can create something to share with the world.

Presentation skills


When your child learns how to code, they also learn every little step they took to achieve their final creation. A child knows how to make their creation shine as they put in the effort to build it from scratch. Then, when they have to present the product to everyone, they are confident and learn the best way to highlight the product's positives. This helps them learn presentation skills, which will serve them well in diverse fields.

Learning to Learn


Your child is encouraged to make mistakes and develop solutions to various coding problems, as experimentation allows most children to learn answers better. A teacher might help them with a hint or so. However, your child is encouraged to find the final answer independently. Coding teaches that there are various answers to any problem, and they may be different from the teacher’s. A lot of children develop their styles of learning from their own mistakes.



Empathy is a critical life skill to solve problems, especially when it comes to coding. Since many people use technology, your child is taught to do coding with a user in mind. Your child is given constant feedback and reviews about their creation to make it easier to interact with other users. As a result, your child slowly starts building products that will be easier to use by other people, keeping different user perspectives in mind. Hence, most children who learn to code are also empathetic towards consumer/user difficulties.

Sense of Achievement


Your child makes a product from scratch, and they learn that solving every problem is not easy; some of them require effort and time consumption. However, when your child solves their first complex problem with equally complex solutions, there is a tremendous sense of achievement that your child gains. This helps them stay interested and come up with even more complex solutions to improve upon themselves.

Like-minded friends


Children easily connect and make friends with other children who share the same interests. For example, a lot of children do not enjoy sports or any other activity. Coding can also help your child make new friends who share similar interests. This is an essential part of your child’s growth as this helps them shape their social personality.



When your child learns how to code, they know how to communicate. A lot of coding requires your child to work with other group members to develop complex solutions to very complex problems. Your child learns how to work in a team and communicate better in a group of people. This helps them in personality growth as well as in other aspects of life.

Confidence boosting


Your child will eventually be solving very complex problems. Apart from the sense of achievement, as your child practices, they will gain confidence in their ability and skill to execute any problem-solving. This helps the child be motivated and positive, which in turn helps them be happy and content.

There are many benefits to coding for your child. In the current day and age, the use of technology is only expanding, which would make this skill extremely helpful for your child’s growth and future. In addition, coding has various real-life applications and is an advantage for your child to have.

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