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Is your child future-ready?

We provide mentor led, customized, one-on-one classes for your child, in a learner-paced and enjoyable manner which makes them future and life ready.


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A team determined to introduce your child to "wholistic development" through coding classrooms, led by active industry experts.


Wholistic 360° Learning

We believe mistakes are good


Our goal is to ensure your child discovers the correct answer the right way. There is no fear of mistakes in a Chapter X classroom, only a hunger to find the correct answer.


Personalized Lessons

We see the uniqueness of each child



No two children are the same, and hence, our teaching approach is modified and personalized to cater to your child’s overall development.


Industry Expert Teachers

Our teachers are active industry experts

From making use of real-life examples to real-time activities, our industry experts know best how to create interest and engage the students to enable their minds to think logically and creatively.


Personality Development

Coding is the medium; life skills are the lesson

We go beyond the book and use coding as a means to nurture your child's mind to encourage them to explore their inventiveness and strengthen their logical and cognitive facilities.

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Happy Experiences

Hear the children and parents share their happy experiences with Chapter X Academy.