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An ed-tech platform led by industry experts to empower your child to become a wholistic learner and effective thinker.

What is Wholistic Learning?

Wholistic learning is a comprehensive learning process that is concerned with the overall development of your child. It enables both the critical thinking and creative abilities in your child.


Such learning prepares your child to mindfully analyze situations and make meaningful decisions, supported by facts and logic.

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Let your child discover ‘their world’ first.

We are constantly evolving.

We unlearn, change, re-learn and adapt to the changing technology and learning methodologies.

Teachers and Mentors

Children get to learn from experts in the industry, who are both experienced and active.

Our team strives to create interest in your child and support them to think freely.

Concepts are explained using real-life examples to enable your child’s thought process.


We believe that failure is a stepping stone to success. Therefore, we encourage children to pause, reflect and learn from their mistakes.

We acknowledge, appreciate and streamline your child’s unique thought process.


Live interactive, focused individual and group classes are conducted according to the course selected.

Classes are paced to suit your child’s individual learning needs.

Why explore

Chapter X Academy

for your child’s wholistic learning?

How We Do It

Coding is one of our mediums to enable your child’s learning process.

Why Coding?

Our Courses

All the courses are designed and delivered by industry experts to ensure that

your child gets to make the most of this learning experience. The course content is improvised with relatable examples to suit your child’s unique understanding, by leveraging the experience of the industry experts. 

  • UI Development

    60 hours

    An introduction to HTML, CSS, Javascript where kids learn UI development and develop their own website and games.


    ₹45k/ $630

  • Web Application using Python

    32 Hours

    An advanced level to build up a complete web application, using Python concepts and Flask framework.


    ₹28k/ $380

  • Python Intermediate

    26 Hours

    A step-up from Level 1, imparting programming concepts, followed by a project/ game development.


    ₹20k/ $270

  • Python Basics

    24 Hours

    An introduction to the world of logical & critical thinking, through programming in Python.


    ₹15k/ $200

  • Scratch Programming

    8 Hours

    A course for young children introducing them to the coding world through block coding.


    ₹5k/ $70

  • Discovering Self

    12 Hours

    A developmental programme for children to help them understand their ‘self’, emotions and their strengths & challenges.


    ₹10k/ $150

Our Earning Is Their Trust!

Hear the children and parents share their happy experiences with Chapter X Academy.

"The python course has been very well-formulated which the children have been thoroughly enjoying. They love the application and the logic behind it. Overall I am extremely happy with the teacher and the course. Thank you."


—  Siddharth & Surabhi Mathur, Parents of Urja & Vedika Mathur, Python Student

Each child is special,

and so is their Chapter X!

Core Team

Sonial Uppal

Founder & Ideator

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Vikas Uppal

Mentor & Coach

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S. Karpagam


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Nandini Chauhan

Sales & Marketing Head

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